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Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, BC, New Brunswick, Labrador, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon.

The Beginning..
We are dedicated to providing the best Kratom products in Canada!
All the powders are painstakingly grown on organic farms in Southern Asia.
*The 100% all natural powders are Lab Tested.

Save UP TO 15% on all powder Kratom products!
Orders $200 or less get a 10% discount with coupon code: UNDER200
Orders over $200 get a 15% discount with coupon code: ABOVE200
Product discounts are based on the subtotal cost before shipping.
You must enter the coupon code to receive a discount on your order.
Expires: 23:59 pm CST Thurs. June 30th, 2022
*Discounts do not apply to CAPSULES.

JUNE 12, 2022 – AUG 31, 2022
We are giving away..
1 Kilo of Powder every week!
Simply post a “Positive” Review!
“You can post anywhere on the Internet..”
Send us the link to see and your entered! 🙂
Any purchase will enter you too!
The more you enter.. the better your chances!
*We will notify the winners by email & post the results on the website after each draw!

*Please DO NOT post anything about..

*Can’t post a positive review.. contact us.
Expires: 23:59 pm CST Weds. Aug 31, 2022

Lisa R. Winnipeg – 1kg Winner!
Brendon T. Calgary – 5g – 25x Xtract!

JUNE 2022 – New Kratom products in stock! 

*Local Delivery cut off time 5:00 pm CST for next day local service.
Same Day Local Delivery is not guaranteed.. But we try! 🙂

Local Courier Delivery Monday – Sunday

*Canada Post Shipping order cut off time is 1:00 pm CST.
Canadian orders only.

Ok.. we will answer this question:
*Why is the website so plain looking?
Rather than BS’ing people with a flashy site.. we would rather focus on what matters.. a quality product.
One day we will upgrade things.. 😉