*Is Kratom Legal in Canada? – Yes BUT! due to a lack of Health Canada & Canadian Food Inspection Agency approval, all Kratom products must be labeled “Not for Human Consumption” & “.. the ingestion of Kratom cannot be encouraged or advertised.”

“BOGO” – Buy One Get One Sales – These so called sales are venders liquidating old, weak, product returns or “problematic” products. BUYER BEWARE! Your health & safety are not worth the risk.

*Extract, Tinctures & Blends Oh My! – When you read product advertisements you see ratios such as 2:1. It says that the kratom extract is two times stronger than its powder form. Since kratom extract contains more alkaloids than powder, the extract is more potent. *A higher concentration of alkaloids make it appear darker in colour.

Some advertisements say 4:1 etc. You assume that means four times stronger than powder form? No.. some re-sellers simply mix “blends” of different powders together or tinctures, call them “extracts” & charge extra $$$. Buyer Beware!

65x, 45x & 25x are “Genuine” extract concentrates.  25x contains high concentrations of Mitragynine (MIT) and 7-Hydroxymitragynine (7-OH). *Only 20g of 25x is required to double the strength of 1kg powder. *You can find “Genuine” 25x xtract in both powder and liquid form here.

*One Vendor may not be the same as another. – IF you are unhappy with one vendor & purchase from another.. make sure you are comparing / purchasing the same product!

**There was one instance where a customer was not happy & purchased from another vendor. The customer felt the other vendor’s product was better… not knowing that they were comparing two entirely different products!

*Wild Grown” is stronger than “Farm Grown”. *IDK is the only vender/wholesaler in Canada “Exclusively” with Wild Grown products.

*How much product in a cap? A typical “00” Capsule holds 0.5g – 0.7g of product.

*How much product in an incense? A typical amount is 2 – 5 grams per incense. A level teaspoon.

*The Stagnant Strain Syndrome & Potentiators: – IF someone burns the same strain over and over.. it will lose its magic. One solution for ‘stagnant strain syndrome’ & a solution to high tolerance is to blend as many high quality Kratom Incense strains as possible. *Try the: SHIPWRECK BLEND

*For a more natural approach to “SSS”, supplement with Magnesium, Turmeric, Aged Cheddar Cheese or even Pickle Juice!

*Product Too Intense? – IF you are are feeling a bit woozy or sickly? cut back on the amount of product you are using to create your incense. *Wild Grown Kratom is VERY strong.

*What about KAVA? – DO NOT purchase Alcohol (Ethanol) based Kava Tinctures, extracts or capsules.

*See Par. 6.5/6.6/6.7 – Ethanol (Alcohol) + Kava = Potential Liver Toxicity!