Extract, Tinctures & Blends Oh My!

When you read product advertisements you see ratios such as 2:1. It says that the kratom extract is two times stronger than its powder form. Since kratom extract contains more alkaloids than powder, the extract is more potent. *A higher concentration of alkaloids make it appear darker in colour.

Some advertisements say 4:1 etc. You assume that means four times stronger than powder form? No.. some re-sellers simply mix “blends” of different powders together or tinctures, call them “extracts” & charge extra $$$. Buyer Beware!

25x is a “Genuine” extract concentrate. Only 20g of 25x is required to double the strength of 1kg powder! It contains high concentrations of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

You can find “Genuine” 25x xtract in both powder and liquid form here.

One Vendor may not be the same as another!

IF you are unhappy with one vendor & purchase from another.. make sure you are comparing the exact same product!

There was one instance where a customer was not happy & purchased from another vendor. The customer felt the other vendor’s product was better… not knowing that she was comparing two entirely different products!

*Wild Grown” is stronger than “Farm Grown”. IDK has “Wild Grown”.
*IDK is the only vender/wholesaler in Canada with Wild Grown product.

Is Kratom Legal in Canada?

Answer: Yes. But!

The sale of Kratom is legal, but due to a lack of Health Canada & Canadian Food Inspection Agency approval, all Kratom products, must be labeled “not for human consumption” & the ingestion of Kratom cannot be encouraged or advertised.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is an all-natural supplement from the evergreen tree. It is related to the coffee family which is native to Southeast Asia.

Kratom begins its life as a leaf on the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, where it grows in rainforests throughout the region. For centuries, Kratom has been respected by indigenous cultures for its wide range of natural uses.

No Effect!

Are you burning a lot of incense with no effect?

IF you have been burning other types of incense before you have sparked up your newly created Kratom Incense.. then that is an issue. *You can only burn ONE type of incense at a time!